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Tendangan si Madun Season 2

Monday to Sunday 6.00 PM

97 episode


UDIN ( Udin Nganga)  and SYAFEI (Asrul Dahlan ) have ever worked in Malaysia. Udin becomes successful and marries a business woman in Malaysia. But then his domestic life gets destroyed and he chooses to come back to Indonesia. Udin's wealth overflows. He has a lot of companies and he lives with his children MARTIN ( Baron Yusuf )  and ZAENAB ( Audrey )  in an area in Jakarta with the attitude, accent and beSyafei is not as lucky. He is unsuccessful in Malaysia and he returns to Indonesia to be with his son  MADUN ( Yusuf Mahardika ) and his wife KIRANA ( Savira ). Syafei rides his own public transportation van that he bought himself.  His business in public transportation expands and he plans to rent them out. Meanwhile Kirana helps by giving credit to women. Udin and Syafei live in the same village. Udin doesn't like Syafei and he always puts him down. This is followed by Martin. He doesn't like Madun and always insults him. Even though Martin stays in indonesia, he is one of the key players of the junior national team of Malaysia. Madun plays soccer for the village team and he hopes to become one of the players for the Indonesian team and a world class player. Madun continuously tries to become a soccer player for Indonesia. Syafei doesn't approve of this at all. However Udin comments " Even if a 100 Maduns play for Indonesia, none of them will be able to defeat Martin!

Madun and Martin go to the same school. Madun gets a scholarship because of his intelligence. Martin hates him all the more because Anisa ( Haviva Rifda), a pretty girl whom Martin likes, happens to like playing with Madun more than him. Anisa 's mother MPOK Maryam ( Linda Ramadhanty ) hopes that Anisa would play with Martin because he is rich whereas Madun is poor.

Mpok Maryam also doesn't like Kirana. Kirana never takes to heart Maryam's bad behaviour towards her. She is patient and accepts whatever treatment she's been given by Maryam. Maryam has liked Syafei since a very long time but then he married Kirana. This could be the reason why she hates Kirana. Infact, she still has feelings for Syafei. The competition between Madun and Martin increases everyday.  Martin now forms a team consisting of children in Jakarta calling themselves " Team Jiran" What happens next is that Madun and friends compete with Martin and his Jiran team.

Team Jiran and Team Madun ( Garuda Sakti) compete for the Manchester Cup. The teams who are in are : GARUDA SAKTI (INDONESIA, Madun and friends), JIRAN FC (MALAYSIA, Martin and friends ), SINGA (SINGAPORE), GAJAH PUTIH (THAILAND), AZKALS  (PHILIPPINES) , TIMOR FC (TIMOR LESTE), dan SULTAN (BRUNEI DARUSSALAM). After joining the competition against the junior team south east asia, they compete in the Junior team world level !!

Are Madun and his team able to win every competition? What about Madun's attempt at becoming a player for team Junior Indonesia? What does Martin do to always look better than Madun?

Watch all this on TENDANGAN SI MADUN SEASON 2!!!






Baron Yusuf, Ibnu Ibrahim, Yusuf Mahardika, Udin Nganga, Asrul Dahlan, Adinda Azani,