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Tendangan si Madun Season 3

Monday to Sunday 7.00 PM

116 episode


Martin and Madun are passing the ball. They are also juggling it. Bule, Sinyo and Ijo join them and practice with them. It turns out that a camera man and reporter are there and they film the boys practise session. At the airport, Martin and Helene are all set to leave. However at that moment, Martin sees Udin on TV.

His aim is to become a professional football player but his father Syafei ( Ashrul Dahlan) is totally against this. According to him, football is just a waste of time. And so because of this, Madun doesn't tell his father when he goes to play football.

Martin ( Baron Yusuf) has the same hobby as Madun. He helps Madun in all matters pertaining to football. Martin's father, Udin Nganga, is a rich man who loves football. He supports Martin by financing all the needs of the football  club founded by Martin and Madun. They face competition from Aris, the village head's son. Team Martin-Madun and Team Aris are always competing.

Unfortunately their friendship doesn't last long because Martin is disappointed when the public has more faith in Madun's ability. Finally, Martin leaves the team and forms a new one. The team he left is now led by Madun. Martin and Madun become enemies. Now there is competition between Team Madun, Team Martin and Team Aris. The adventures of these 3 teams is what brings color to Madun Season III. Watch all this on Tendangan Madun season III only on MNC TV.






Donita, Baron Yusuf, Ibnu Ibrahim, Thoriq Muhammad, Yusuf Mahardika,