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Terlanjur Cinta


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Murni is the only child of Arsyad’s who is naive, very kind, and a religion teacher. Murni’s plan to marry with her boyfriend Ryan crushed when Ryan had a fatal accident and died on their D-day.  Arsyad had a heart attack and before he died, he asked his favourite student, Ridho, to marry her daughter, Murni.

As soon as Ridho sees Murni, he falls deeply in love but Murni doesn’t seem interested in Ridho. Though they finally got married and Ridho’s mother, Mutia, was outraged when she learned that Ridho married Murni without her knowledge. Suddenly her dream of making Shalimar Ridho’s wife vanished.

Ridho used Shalimar to get close to Murni by making her jealous. Slowly Murni realized how much she’s fallen for Ridho. Shalimar misinterpreted Ridho’s gesture for liking her, but after the second time, it was obvious to Shalimar that Ridho only used her get close to Murni, just to make Murni jealous.

Shalimar was furious and accepted Mutia’s urge to marry with Fachri, Ridho’s little brother. But Fachri did not marry Shalimar out of love as he’s still in love with Ernest who’s carrying his child. Even though Ernest was upset, Fachri would still like to show his responsibility by keeping in touch with Ernest for the baby’s sake.

Again, Shalimar was enraged when she found out that Fachri has been covering up his relationship with Ernest behind her. The more she looks back and introspect the more she believes that this whole mess was caused by Murni. So Shalimar and Mutia conspire to make Murni’s life a harsh one to live.






Niken Anjani, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Zora Vidyanata,